July 18, 2024

Blackstar Nano MAG Car Mobile Holder – Car Mount – Magnetic Mobile Holder for Car (Smallest Magnetic Mobile Holder with Super-Strong and Super-Safe Magnets)

Price: ₹899 - ₹399.00
(as of Oct 04, 2023 16:04:03 UTC – Details)

Blackstar is an Indian Brand . Most of Blackstar’s Products are Made in India or Assembled in India . This is Blackstar’s Latest and Smallest Magnetic Mobile Holder . This is Very Very Small and Cute But Very Very Powerful , You Will be Amazed when You will Experience it in your hand , seeing that How A Thing So Small Can be So Much Powerful that it can Hold Your Mobile So Firm & Tight and Even if the Hardest Bumps Come on The Road , Your Mobile will Not Move A Single Inch . Its Magical . You Have to Hold it in Your Hand and Try it once to Believe It . When Installed in Your Car or Home or Office or Fridge , it looks like a Piece of Jewellery . Looks Like Something Expensive and Luxury . Its a Modern and Futuristic Mobile Holder . Its Made for those People who want Some New and Modern Kind of Mobile Holder , Not Some Big Bulky & Boring Old Mobile Holders which are installed on Car’s Windshield . ITS A TOTAL REVOLUTIONARY GADGET . YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE IT ONCE TO BELIEVE WHAT WE ARE SAYING . IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEM IN INSTALLING THIS HOLDER , PLEASE CONTACT US ON OUR CUSTOMER CARE , WE WILL HELP YOU IN INSTALLING IT PERFECTLY by giving you instructions to install and giving you installation video ( which makes installation very very easy , install in just 30 seconds , No Need of Any Tools or Any Mechanic to install ) .
SINGLE TOUCH OPERATION To Remove Mobile or Put Mobile Back on Mobile Holder ( Other Kinds of Mobile Holders have 2 Steps to Remove and Put Back Mobile on Mobile Holders )
Your Mobile While Not Move a Single Inch Even if Sudden Heavy Bumps Come on Road , Because This Magnetic Mobile Holder has World’s Strongest Magnets ( Neodymium N52 ) , But They Do Not Harm Your Mobile or Tablets in Any Way ( Tested )
Super Compact Size ( can be installed easily in All Cars of All Brands ) … Can be installed in Bike / Scooter , Wall , Tables etc. Practically Anywhere
Its A Guarantee that Everyone Will Ask You ” What is This ” After Looking at Your Mobile Holder , Because It Looks Like a Luxury Piece , Not a Mobile Holder
It is THE PERFECT Mobile Holder . Once You buy this , you will never need to search for any other Mobile Holder EVER . It is the PERFECT SOLUTION .

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