May 29, 2024

ECAPT Mop and Bucket with Wringer Set Spin Mop and Bucket Cleaning Tools, Mopping Mops Bucket with Wringer,Best Used for Ceramic Tile, Wood Floor(with 4 Extra Refills)

Price: ₹3,499 - ₹2,049.00
(as of Oct 07, 2023 02:59:37 UTC – Details)

The ECAPT Bucket Spin Mop is all about efficiency and effectiveness. Say goodbye to the days of tedious scrubbing and wringing out mops by hand. This mop’s spin-dry mechanism takes care of excess water, ensuring that your mop is perfectly damp for optimal cleaning. A clean environment keeps you in a happy state of mind. When your house is clean you feel happy motivated and healthy. ECAPT offers advanced and striking products, which are also sturdy and convenient to use for most and hence is one of the go-to brands and the choice of most people for household equipment. Their wide range of stylish and aesthetically pleasing products with modern features make cleaning an easy task along with providing great end results. The mop head is made of high-quality microfiber material that is highly absorbent and gentle on all types of floors, leaving them clean and streak-free. The ECAPT Bucket Quick Spin Mop is the ideal addition to any household, making your cleaning tasks more manageable and enjoyable. Upgrade your cleaning arsenal today and experience the convenience and effectiveness of the Bucket Quick Spin Mop. Say hello to cleaner floors and goodbye to the hassle of traditional mopping methods!
Note!!! :- Only suitable for flat wooden floors and floor tiles. It is not suitable for uneven ground or cement ground.
Self-Washing & Self-Wringing :- Spin Mop and Bucket Set supports self-washing & self-drying at the same time, press the mop down & rotate at a fast speed for effortless washing & drying, which saves more time & eases housework burden, making cleaning enjoyable part of your daily routine
Clean & Dirty Water Separation :- With 2 nested buckets, inner bucket rotated to spray clean water onto mop head & outer bucket collecting dirty water spun out, keeping mop head always clean without frequently changing water; Double scraping teeth on the lid for effectively removing dirt & grime off mop pad
Convenient & Compact :- Detachable inner bucket allows you to pour out all the dirty water & debris, with 2 inlets on the top & bottom outlet for easily adding clean water & draining dirty water, minimizing spills & splashes; Compact design to well fit into tight places, with handle for easy carrying
Internal Bucket Water Recycling System :- Dirty water gets separated and Particle-Free Filtered Water gets cycled up as you spin the mop so you’re not constantly dipping the mop in the same dirty water, making it easy to continuously mop with filtered water!

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