July 19, 2024

Eightiz Spiral Charger Spiral Charger Cable Protectors for Wires Data Cable Saver Charging Cord Protective Cable Cover Set of 3 (12 Pieces)

Price: ₹59.00
(as of Oct 07, 2023 05:12:13 UTC – Details)

Cable protectors are an essential tool in keeping your charger cables and other cords safe and secure. The right cable protector can provide an extra layer of protection against bending, breaking, fraying, and other common damage that can happen to cables over time.A cable protector is a rubber or silicone tube that fits over your cable, providing a barrier against damage. This makes them an ideal choice for use in high-traffic areas, such as homes with pets or children, offices, or even outdoors.Our charger cable protectors are designed to fit snugly over your charging cables, protecting them from bending, twisting, and other forms of damage. They are made from high-quality, durable silicone, which makes them flexible and easy to install. Plus, with their compact size, they won’t add any extra bulk to your cables, making them an ideal choice for use with your mobile devices.Additionally, our charger cable protectors come in a variety of bright, eye-catching colors, making them easy to spot when you need to quickly find your cable in a cluttered workspace. Whether you’re looking to keep your cables organized at home, in the office, or on-the-go, our cable protectors are the perfect solution.In conclusion, if you’re looking for a simple, effective way to protect your charger cables, our cable protectors are the perfect choice. They are easy to use, durable, and designed to provide the protection you need, so you can enjoy your devices without worrying
This product is a spiral tube charging cable protector made of flexible silicone. It can be used to protect the charging cables of various devices, including smartphones, computers, laptops, smartwatches, and more. The spiral design helps prevent the cables from breaking or tangling, providing a longer lifespan for your charging cables.
In addition to protecting charging cables, this spiral tube charging cable protector has a soft and enjoyable texture and is easy to install on any cable end. It can be used as a headphone cord protector or charging cable cover. The product is not only functional, but also visually appealing, adding a cool and unique touch to your cables. Its texture also provides a stress-relieving experience when touched.
The Spiral Tube Charging Cable Protector serves as an effective solution to prevent damage to your charging cables, including lightning cables. Its spiral design works as a cable strain relief and protects against fraying, eliminating the need for cable or wire repair. By using this product, you can avoid the hassle and cost of repairing damaged charging cables and extend their lifespan.
The Spiral Tube Charging Cable Protector can be easily wrapped around any preferred cable, functioning as an end piece for your iPhone charger or other charging cables. The flexible silicone material allows for easy installation, providing protection and mobility to your cables, similar to a protective sleeve.

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